WHaT iS a FRieND?

How to tell a ‘friend’ from an ‘acquaintance’ – or worse, an ‘enemy’…

  • friends respect your personal boundaries
  • friends can be trusted not to screw you over
  • friends can trust that you won’t screw them over
  • friends treat it as a privilege, not a right, to come over
  • friends trust you’ll treat visits to their place likewise
  • friends don’t knowingly put you in awkward situations
  • friends don’t knowingly make you look bad to others
  • friends don’t knowingly jeopardize your situation(s)
  • friends don’t expect you to always bow to their schedule
  • friends can be counted on to be honest with you
  • friends can count on you to be honest with them
  • friends don’t borrow money from you then take off
  • friends don’t EXPECT you to lend them money
  • but they APPRECIATE when you do, & vice versa
  • AND they pay you back when they say they will
  • OR they get in touch to say why they can’t
  • (they don’t leave it up to the lender to remember)
  • friends can be counted on 2 FORGIVE but aren’t expected 2 FORGET

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