ELECTION 2011 (Canada-wide)

The Green Party is the only political party with a full and comprehensive vision for Canada’s future, and the ONLY political entity opposing Canada’s sadistic commercial Seal ‘Hunt’ – in which seal nurseries are invaded by hakapik-wielding half-humans called sealers, who turn the ice floes into an unforgiveable, bloody carnage by bashing baby seals to death in front of their frantic mothers…

This makes voting easy – for me AND for the seals.  Because Canada needs to stop the seal hunt: NOW

This shameful, UNSUSTAINABLE slaughter is not only barbarically cruel but a gross violation of our constitutional duties as wildlife stewards – supported by our federal government’s DFO via false claims that seals need “culling” because they “destroy” juvenile cod populations thus “jeopardizing” Canada’s fishing industry. YET SEALS EAT MAINLY HALIBUT, MACKEREL AND OTHER PREDATORS OF JUVENILE COD (i.e. FEWER SEALS = FEWER COD)!!  In other words, “sealing” is a senseless violent crime committed against a harmless wildlife species.

The plain facts expose our government’s ignorance, lies and willingness to deceive the people of Canada – FOR WHAT? THE SEALING INDUSTRY – WHICH YIELDS LESS THAN 0.1% OF SEALERS’ INCOMES – SERVES ONE PURPOSE:  PROVIDING PELTS FOR MANUFACTURE OF FASHION APPAREL (which is why, horrrendously, up to 42% of the baby seals targeted are STRIPPED OF THEIR PELTS WHILE STILL CONSCIOUS, their carcasses discarded onto the ice floes to rot).

Increasingly and repeatedly, most Canadians have denounced this disgrace in countless petitions, polls and protests. The United States outlawed all trade in seal products years ago, and recently the European Union caught up with a Europe-wide ban on all seal-pelt trade. Other countries, eg. New Zealand and Scotland, have legislated protection of their seals (see

So why is Gail Shea, Canada’s DFO Minister, appealing the European ban AT A COST OF $10 MILLION taxpayers’ dollars??  And why does our government NOT support non-lethal harvest of seal hair, a viable new industry initiated by SeaShepherd’s Paul Watson (which got declarations of support from Canadian fishing industry groups, conservation, animal rights and academic organizations, and the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in 1998)? Scroll to March 1994:

WELL:  May 2nd is the day to ask for change – by doing the right thing:  VOTING GREEN!! (see

REMEMBER:  Not voting = denying yourself a democratic voice; Voting AGAINST a candidate/party in some odds-based strategy = denying your true values representation. The REAL YOU needs to be heard!

AgainsT AnimaL TesTing

FACT: Animal research is not only cruel: it’s also USELESS…

“There is nothing quite as useless, misleading and harmful as animal experimentation.”
-Professor Pietro Croce, M.D.

Dr. Croce is part of a large and growing movement of doctors, scientists and educated public who are opposed to animal-based experimentation on the grounds that:
a) Animals & humans do not get the same diseases;
b) The way a non-human animal responds to treatments does not predict how a human will respond.

Ignoring these fundamental differences has been, and continues to be, very costly to human health – as these examples (just a tiny fraction of the thousands) prove:
– PCP is a sedative for chimpanzees;
– Penicillin kills cats and guinea pigs but has saved many human lives;
– Arsenic is not poisonous to rats, mice or sheep;
– Morphine is a sedative for humans but is a stimulant for cats, goats and horses.

In other words, all information documenting reported animal responses in laboratories is useless for determining a product’s effectiveness/safety for use by humans.
Human medicine cannot be based on veterinary medicine; it is in fact dangerous to apply data from one species to another. So why continue harming/torturing animals with these evil tests?  ANIMAL TESTING IS FUNDED BY PHARMACEUTICAL CO’s, TO PROTECT THEIR ASSETS BY PROVIDING THEM WITH LEGAL ALIBIS IN CIVIL SUITS and/or COURT ACTIONS.
Abolishing animal research would mean that the billions of dollars poured into worthless animal experimentation could be redirected into prevention and the kinds of research which actually have a chance of advancing human medicine.

If you STILL feel testing human products on animals serves the slightest worthy purpose, please read the damning declarations on this topic by experts in the field – i.e. some of the world’s top doctors – @ this link:


[My guestbook comment on Our Voices For Animals website, 01/05/2011]

OVFA, i admire your work very much – Sabrina’s writings are particularly moving, and strike a resonant chord. I’ve loved animals since I was little – as most children do: our natural instinct from day one. Not to belittle, or to eat, or to use for any other selfish human purpose. That the opposite has been encouraged by even those considered “good” people for so long is perplexing, if not upsetting at the deepest level of my being. I too aspire to a world in which animals are respected as fellow creatures, and treated by all humans with compassion and kindness. Only then, as Albert Schweitzer once said, is there any hope of being happy – now or in future…