AgainsT AnimaL TesTing

FACT: Animal research is not only cruel: it’s also USELESS…

“There is nothing quite as useless, misleading and harmful as animal experimentation.”
-Professor Pietro Croce, M.D.

Dr. Croce is part of a large and growing movement of doctors, scientists and educated public who are opposed to animal-based experimentation on the grounds that:
a) Animals & humans do not get the same diseases;
b) The way a non-human animal responds to treatments does not predict how a human will respond.

Ignoring these fundamental differences has been, and continues to be, very costly to human health – as these examples (just a tiny fraction of the thousands) prove:
– PCP is a sedative for chimpanzees;
– Penicillin kills cats and guinea pigs but has saved many human lives;
– Arsenic is not poisonous to rats, mice or sheep;
– Morphine is a sedative for humans but is a stimulant for cats, goats and horses.

In other words, all information documenting reported animal responses in laboratories is useless for determining a product’s effectiveness/safety for use by humans.
Human medicine cannot be based on veterinary medicine; it is in fact dangerous to apply data from one species to another. So why continue harming/torturing animals with these evil tests?  ANIMAL TESTING IS FUNDED BY PHARMACEUTICAL CO’s, TO PROTECT THEIR ASSETS BY PROVIDING THEM WITH LEGAL ALIBIS IN CIVIL SUITS and/or COURT ACTIONS.
Abolishing animal research would mean that the billions of dollars poured into worthless animal experimentation could be redirected into prevention and the kinds of research which actually have a chance of advancing human medicine.

If you STILL feel testing human products on animals serves the slightest worthy purpose, please read the damning declarations on this topic by experts in the field – i.e. some of the world’s top doctors – @ this link:

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